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Best Sports Betting Guide Real Money

Welcome to the ultimate online sports betting site for kiwi punters seeking the best signup bonus. We’ve scanned the internet for New Zealand betting sites that offering great bonus rewards and the best available betting experience. As a bonus, we’ll even let you in on how we selected each and every online betting site to display on this page. Online New Zealand betting is at an all-time high right now. There is a different betting experience for every kind of player, but we’ll focus on online sports betting. If you’re looking for the best betting odds and welcome bonus, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our selection below.

How We Rate Every Sports Betting Website

As your one-stop online betting guide, we’re here to show you the way to all the best online sports betting sites. As an added bonus, we’ll also show you why the sites in the table above are the best legal sports betting sites to go to. Our team brings the latest online sportsbook reviews so you can make an informed decision before you choose. Here’s what top sports betting New Zealand online should be like:

  • Mobile sports betting functionality: Every sports gambling site must be easily accessible from most mobile devices. This enables punters to take part in live betting and offers them the chance to bet while on-the-go.
  • Sports betting bonuses: Signing up to a sports betting casino usually comes with great benefits. These can be anything from bonus bets to free bets, depending on the sports betting website.
  • The best odds: Any sports betting website that can offer superior odds will stand out to us. Not all sites can offer the best odds, so we’ve made sure to find the ones that do for your convenience.
  • Top security measures: Every sports gambling site should come with its own anti-cybertheft software to protect player’s money. No matter the bet amount, punters should always be made assured that their bets and money are safe and secure.
  • Sports Betting Casinos Online

    Rise of the Sports Betting Industry

    Crazy Vegas Casino is your one-stop online betting destination for top tips and the latest news on any online betting company making the news. Sports betting online is available for almost every mainstream sporting event in the world. However, NZ sports betting sites tend to focus on the biggest sports down under, these include:

    Cricket sports betting

    Cricket is one of the biggest sports betting markets in New Zealand. Top sports betting sites offer a wide range of betting options including everything from the individual batting scores to end results. The biggest events currently in cricket are:

  • The Cricket World Cup
  • The ICC ODI World Cup
  • The IPL
  • The Ashes
  • Horse racing betting

    Horse racing is one of the most popular sports betting options in the world. This lucrative betting opportunity lets punters place wagers on where horses will place, or which will win the race. There are a number of world famous racing days that include the likes of:

  • The Melbourne Cup
  • The Grand National
  • Breeders’ Cup World Championships
  • Rugby sports betting

    The rugby league and rugby union are also big hits at online sports betting sites around the world. This sport remains a big favourite among kiwi punters too, especially the highly watched events like:

  • Rigby World Cup
  • Six Nations Championship
  • Olympic Games (Rugby)
  • World Cup 7’s
  • Sports betting soccer

    Soccer is a hugely followed sport in New Zealand and contains many betting opportunities. Punters can bet on anything from goal scorers to half-time score and of course the end result. The most popular events in the soccer world are:

  • The Soccer World Cup
  • The UEFA Champions League
  • The English Premier League
  • La Liga (Spanish soccer league)
  • History of Sports Betting Online

    Sports betting websites have been around since the introduction of online casinos around the late 1990’s. NZ betting sites allowed punters to place bets on the outcome of popular sporting events online. As a way of attracting punters to all the new sites that began to sprout, each online betting site offered something different to the other. This included great bonus offers like free bets, odds that other sites couldn’t offer and cash backs.

    Around 2002, live betting became the new craze at sports betting casinos. Live betting allowed punters to place wagers while the sporting event took place. It became common to place wagers through your chosen mobile betting app or range of mobile betting sites. The advantage of this was clear as it provided punters with convenience beyond what they ever had experienced before.

    FAQs About Sports Bettings

    What is sports betting?

    Sports betting refers to the wagering of real money on sporting events outcomes. Different sports will offer different betting opportunities, and some will allow you to bet on more than just the final outcome. The bonus with sports betting over other forms of online gambling is that there can be a little bit of predictability attached to sporting events. This gives players the edge over casino games as they can follow the form and previous results of the particular team.

    Is sports betting legal in New Zealand?

    Yes, it absolutely is. Sports gambling is completely legal, whether online or offline. So, Aussie punters are free to bet on their favourite sporting events without worrying about any kind of legislation.

    Can I do mobile sports betting?

    Most sports betting sites offer mobile functionality so that you can bet right on your mobile device. The most popular devices include Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones.

    Can I get a welcome bonus at a sports betting casino?

    Some betting sites New Zealand will provide players with bonus credit upon signing up. This will essentially allow them to place free bets. For the best signup bonus, refer to the sites in the table above.

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