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Progressive pokies have a jackpot like no other, and that’s why New Zealand players want to play them so badly. Winning a progressive jackpot comes with everything you could ever dream of. This because they have the highest jackpot of all the different jackpot pokies at online casinos. When you win a progressive jackpot, your life will never be the same with the giant jackpot potential they hold. Follow our guide to find out all about the wonders promised with winning a progressive jackpot.

There are a lot of progressive pokies that promise the kind of jackpot offered by a Mega Moolah jackpot. The first step to becoming one of the many progressive jackpot winners is to find a safe and reputable online casino. Once you’ve done that, there is only one way to stand a chance of winning this kind of mega fortune jackpot, and the secret is to place a max bet.

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How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

All progressive jackpot pokies are games of chance, and there is no strategy that can guarantee you a win. Nonetheless, there are ways of increasing your chances of winning the jackpot. The first is always to remember to set a budget before you play so that you don’t lose everything chasing a jackpot you might not win. Bankroll management is key to keep trying your luck with progressive pokies.

Take note that the only possible way to give yourself a chance of winning the progressive jackpot is to place the maximum bet. While it is not advised to make all your bets the maximum, you should be aware of what it will take to win a progressive pokies jackpot.

The greatest part of online casinos is that most of them will come with jackpot tracker on their progressive pokies. This way will allow you to see what is the highest jackpot and which progressive pokies online are due to payout, based on their history of payouts. However, take note that smaller jackpot progressive pokies online have better odds of being won.

Best Paying Progressive Jackpot Casinos Online

Progressive Table Games with the Biggest Jackpot Payouts

Top Internet casinos should offer a variety of other progressive jackpot games. While progressive pokies online have the largest jackpots, there are other games you can play too. Here’s a list of every progressive jackpot bonus game you can find at online casinos in New Zealand.

Progressive Video Poker

This is a progressive card game most commonly played in the Caribbean Stud Poker variant. These may not have a large jackpot pool, but they do offer larger payouts than ordinary video poker. To win this progressive jackpot, New Zealand players must get a Royal Flush and have placed a side bet on getting it.

Progressive Blackjack

Another progressive jackpot bonus game is online blackjack. A progressive jackpot win in this game comes when a player is dealt three sevens of diamonds. This is known as the Triple Sevens Blackjack game. Once again, you’ll need to place a side bet to win the jackpot.

Progressive Pokies with the Biggest Jackpot Payouts

We’re all about making things easier for online casino players, and that’s why we’ll be your jackpot tracker. Many kiwi online casino players will already know about the Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune jackpot. Here’s a short list of the best progressive jackpot games.

  • Treasure Room
  • Leprechaun Goes to Hell
  • Treasure Nile
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Tycoons
  • Progressive Jackpot FAQ

    What are progressive jackpots?

    Progressive jackpots contain the highest jackpot of all other casino games. With progressive pokies, you get linked and standalone machines with a jackpot that continually increases until it’s won. This allows these jackpots to go into the millions at times.

    How often do progressive jackpots hit?

    There is no clear way of saying when a progressive game will payout, however when it does; you ‘ll be rolling in a megabucks jackpot. Some progressive pokies can be more or less predicted based on a jackpot tracker and when it paid out previously.

    How do I win a progressive jackpot at an online casino?

    You cannot rig or tamper with a progressive jackpot machine to payout when you want it too. However, to give yourself a chance of winning it, you need to have placed the max bet.

    Are progressive jackpots random?

    Progressive jackpot games are all completely random and cannot be tampered with because of the random number generator (RNG) software fitted into all online casino games. This RNG software works to create sequences of multiple different outcomes for all casino games every second. The moment you press the bet or play button is the outcome you get based on what sequence was generated at that second.

    What is the best progressive jackpot game to play online?

    The best progressive jackpot game depends on what you enjoy and what you’re after. If you enjoy playing pokies with the highest payout, then the best progressive games are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. However, if you enjoy table-style games, then try your hand at Caribbean Stud Video Poker.

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