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3 Reel Online Pokies

Slot machines, or pokies we New Zealanders like to call them, are gambling machines where players will press the spin button to set the reels in motion. We have put together a comprehensive 3-reel pokies guide help you understand everything there is to know about this casino game. 3-reel pokies are not the most rewarding of casino games. However, there smaller more frequent payouts are a catch for any player.

History of 3 Reel Pokies

Three-reel pokie machines are the least complicated pokies to play. Players still experience the thrill of winning a jackpot with these classic games.

The first pokie machines resembling the machines we know and love today first originated in the US. Charles Fey was the creator behind it in the 19th century. Fey named it the Liberty Bell after its highest paying symbol. In those days, the machines would pay out in the form of alcohol and cigars. The popularity of these caught on, and the demand for the Liberty Bell grew exponentially. 3-reel pokies became known one-armed bandits.  The term derived from the motion of pulling the lever on the side on the machines with one arm.

From here pokies grew into much larger machines with greater advancements and bigger payouts. Today, casino players can pokies at their fingertips with online pokies and mobile pokies.

Types of Online Pokies

Three-reel pokies come with three rotating drums and different paylines. The main of types of three-reel pokies include; one payline, two paylines and five paylines.  

3-Reel 1 Payline

Secure New Zealand casinos such as All Slots offer players a selection of three reel one payline pokies to enjoy online or on the go. These are most simplistic pokies players will come across. There is only one payline in these pokies where players have to line up the required icons.

3-Reel 3 Paylines

Three-reel pokies with three paylines are a little more versatile and offer players more chances to win. In these pokies, players are able to adjust their wagers and select the paylines they want to bet on. However, if players only selected one or two paylines, winning combinations will only be paid out if they land on the active paylines.

3-Reel 5 Paylines

 Three-reel pokies with five paylines are where players can find bonus features. These games may not have as many bonus features as others; there are still great opportunities to trigger extra payouts. Some of the bonus features players can look out for include; nudges, wilds, free spins, and rolling reels among other exciting features.

Why Play 3-Reel Pokies Online?

Three-reel pokie machines online offer players instant access to hundreds of simple yet rewarding pokie machines. The wagering requirements are far less, and the rewards are frequent. The machines are easy to grasp. They do not have any complicated bonus features. The outcome of the spin is determined by where the reels come to rest. Enjoy the most exciting classic pokies machines with top 3-reel pokie sites in New Zealand.

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