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Video Poker Training Guide

Card SuitsVideo poker has quickly become very popular, especially at top online casinos in New Zealand. Kiwi players who are new to video poker, may get daunted by the name. However, while video poker may have different video poker variants, it’s still the same poker game you’ve always played at real world casinos. Every video poker variant has its own unique rules compared to the original game we all know. The only difference with video poker and playing poker at the casino table is the pokie machine user interface. This takes players away from the crowded tables and placing them at their own private table with a video poker screen. Regular and new players can use the free play mode as a video poker trainer to start learning the game and developing their own strategy. For now, we’ll give you the basics on how to play online video poker.

Online Video Poker – Starting with the Basics

We aim to make playing video poker games easy and lucrative for every New Zealand player. That’s why we have put together this guide to offer players top tips and strategies to use. However, learning the basics of video poker is key before you start betting real money on it. Here’s a breakdown of what every round of video poker is like:

  • Players are dealt a hand of five cards.
  • Players then need to view and smartly decide on which cards to keep and which to discard.
  • If you’ve decided to discard cards, they will be replaced.
  • Finally, if your cards reflect that of any of the traditional poker hands on the pay table you win a payout.
  • Payouts are determined by how strong of a hand you have from the pay table. Remember that some video poker variants remove the lowest acceptable hand, which is a pair.
  • Winning Video Poker Hands

    If you’ve never played poker before and have no idea what a hand is, they are the cards that determine whether you’ve won. There are only certain combinations of cards that make up a hand that earns you a win from the paytable, these include:

  • Royal flush: This is a hand made up of all the highest valued cards, all from one suit. For example; 10, J, Q, K, and A all from the suit of hearts.
  • Straight flush: This hand requires players to make any sequence within the same suit of cards. For example; 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8int he suit of clubs.
  • Four of a kind: Players just need four cards with the same face value from different suits. For example; 8, 8, 8, 8, and J.
  • Full house: Players need to have a hand containing three cards with the same value, but different suits and a different pair of cards with the same face value from different suits. For example; 7, 7, 7 and J, J.
  • Flush: This hand needs players to just have all five cards from the same suit, with no particular sequence needed.
  • Straight: This hand requires a sequence of cards, but from different suits.
  • Three of a kind: When you have a hand with three cards of the same face value and different suits.
  • Two pair: When a player’s hand contains two different sets of cards with the same face value. For example; 2, 2 + 10, 10.
  • Pair: A player simply needs to carry a pair of Jacks or better to rank for this hand.
  • Tips for Playing Video Poker Variations Online

    Pick a video poker variant: There are multiple video poker variants for players to enjoy. We recommend going through our video poker variant guides, find a variant that suits you then find a New Zealand online casino where you can try the game for free before registering to play for real money.

    Form a strategy: Online video poker gives you the luxury of time, get to know the odds of each hand or keep a cheat sheet with you when you’re playing.

    Practice: Play for free, it’s the best way to learn the game. Perfect your strategy by playing for free first before betting real money.

    Basic Video Poker Strategy

    While there may not be any hard and fast strategy to actually help you to win more, playing video poker online does offer the chance and time to carefully consider which cards to keep and which to replace. Poker can be a very fast-paced game, so playing online video poker is ideal for beginners.

    Play Real Money online Video Poker

    We host all the best real money video poker casinos where you can play video variants to your hearts delight. Online gambling gets taken to another level when you start playing for real money. That’s where the real video poker fun is at. Find a safe NZ casino site where you can try video poker for free or play for real money in a safe and secure environment.

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