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How to Play Baccarat

How to Play BaccaratBaccarat is one of the easiest table games to learn how to play. Baccarat is a table game that will have you out of your seat with enthusiasm as you attempt to build the best possible hand. The object of baccarat is for players to get a hand as close to 9 as possible. Let’s take a closer look at how to play James Bond’s favourite game of baccarat.

Baccarat Overview

Baccarat is a game played between and banker and player. There are only three betting options, the bankers, player or tie result. Players may wager on the hand they think will have the stronger hand at the end of the round. They may also wager on the possibility of a tie result.

Depending on the baccarat game you are playing, up to 14 players may participate in a round of baccarat. To start the round players must place their bets. After which cards will be dealt. Again, depending on the baccarat game you are playing, up to 8 decks of cards may be used.  

Learn to Play Baccarat

Learning to play baccarat is easy. There are no complicated rules and strategies to remember as it is a card game of pure luck. Players make their bets, receive their cards and the winner is decided.

Placing Bets

As mentioned above, there are three betting options. Players have the choice of selecting themselves, the banker or a tie result.  These bets are placed in the dedicated section on the table.

Receiving Cards

Before the round starts and even before bets are placed, the cards are shuffled and placed in the shoe. After bets are placed, the cards will be dealt. Cards are dealt one at a time starting with the player.

Card Values

To determine the winners, hand totals are calculated as follows:

  • Aces count 1.
  • Jacks, Kings, Queens, and Tens count 0 (zero).
  • All other cards count as their face value.
  • If the hand total is more than 9, the first digit falls away. For example, if the hand is 12 the final hand will be counted as 2.

    Player’s Hand

    There are strict rules to adhere to when it comes to drawing extra cards. For the players these include;

  • A total of six to nine, players must stand.
  • A total of eight or nine, players automatically wins. This is regarded as a natural. If the banker has the same hand, a tie result is called.
  • If the player has a hand total of 8 and banker 9, the banker wins.
  • If the player has a hand total of 9 and banker 8, the player wins.
  • If the player’s first two cards are five or less, another card will be dealt to them, and their round will end.
  • Banker’s Hand

    The banker will always play out their hand last. Once the player’s round has finished, the banker will play out theirs before the winner is determined.

  • The banker is obliged to stand on a two-card total between seven and nine.
  • Baker is obliged to hit on a two-card total between zero and three. However, the banker will hit a total of 3 against a player with a total of 8.
  • The Banker will hit on card totals of 4, 5 or 6, depending on the player’s total:

  • Hit with a 4 against a player total between two and seven.
  • Hit with a 5 against a player total between four and seven.
  • Hit with a 6 against a player total of six or seven.
  • Tips

  • Don’t bet against a winning streak.
  • Baccarat has different odds depending on how many decks are used to deal the cards.
  • Try to keep track of the cards left in the pack. Adjust your bet when more low cards or face cards.
  • The odds of the banker or player winning are 50/50 when a full deck of cards has been dealt.
  • The banker always draws more cards which gives them slightly higher odds.
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