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How to Play Roulette and Win

Roulette is one of few casino games that can easily intimidate players. The bright colours, loud noise and numerous betting options can make anyone think twice when at a land-based casino. However, once you take the leap, players will notice the simplicity the game has to offer. To help you master the game, we have put together a comprehensive how to play roulette tutorial.

  • Roulette always starts off with players making their bets.
  • The croupier is responsible for spinning the roulette wheel.
  • The croupier will call out when no more bets may be placed.
  • The outcome of the round is determined when the ball comes to rest in a pocket on the roulette wheel.
  • Roulette Equipment

    Understanding the roulette wheel can help any player get a better understanding of the game. Roulette is a French word meaning little wheel. On an ordinary roulette wheel, there are 36 numbers. On a European roulette wheel, players will find 37 numbers with the inclusion of a zero. On an American roulette wheel, there are 38 numbers with the inclusion of a single zero and double zero. The roulette table is where players will place their bets. There are a number of different betting options to choose from. These include:

  • Single number bets
  • Column bets
  • Split bets
  • Corner bets
  • Odd / Even bets
  • Black / Red bets
  • Dozen bets
  • High or Low bets
  • How to Place Roulette Bets

    When it comes to placing bets in roulette, the first thing to know if that each roulette table has their betting chips. Each player will receive different coloured chips. This way the croupier will now exactly whose chips are whose. Each table will have different wagering requirements, so we recommend you find a table with a suitable wagering requirement.

    There are two main types of bets players can make: inside bets and outside bets. Under each category there are multiple different betting options.

    Inside Bets

    The bets have greater payouts than outside bets. These bets include; bets on one, two, or three numbers with one bet. They also include placing bets on rows of numbers.

    Outside Bets

    The low house edge these bets feature make them the most popular bets. These bets are also ideal for beginners to learn the ropes of the game. These bets include: red or black, odd or even, field, or column bets. These bets are a lot safer to play, and they feature lower risks.

    Roulette Tips

  • Different roulette variants contain different house edges. Before you start playing know what the house edge is of the game.
  • Keep track of your bankroll. It is not always good to chase loses. It is wise to know when to stop.
  • Roulette is very entertaining. Keep track of how long you have been playing for. Do not get too consumed in all the fun, remain calm and stay focused.
  • Roulette is a game of chance; there are no accurate strategies to improve your chances of winning.
  • Practice as much as you like before playing for real money. The roulette casino sites we recommend all offer the chance to play roulette for free or real money.
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